Lounge Bug-Free With a Screened-In Pool at Your Nokomis, FL, Home

Lounging by your pool sounds ideal in theory, but in practice, you might find that you’re engulfed in a cloud of bugs and constantly fishing debris out of the water. Absolute Aluminum offers a solution: a custom pool cage. We can screen in your pool so you can enjoy the warm weather of beautiful Nokomis, Florida, without any pests. Since 1988, we’ve been creating high-quality, customized pool enclosures and other outdoor solutions for homeowners, and we can’t wait to transform your pool area next.

Why Screen In Your Pool?

The most obvious reason to screen in your pool is, of course, to keep out flying pests like mosquitos, bees, wasps, and gnats. Plus, the screens can also help keep out other creepy-crawlies like geckos, and keep leaves and other debris out of your pool.

You can select from four different screen options, including an ultra-durable, pet-safe choice that will stand up to small animals pushing against it. All our screen choices are up to relevant building codes and offer UV protection. Plus, our pool enclosures are all site-specifically engineered to perfectly fit your pool deck and meet your needs.

We offer thoughtful touches like felt around the door so it doesn’t clang shut, integrated gutters to help keep your pool deck dry, and open-view pool enclosures to maintain a relatively unobstructed view of your favorite scenery.

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