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Pool Enclosure Maintenance Tips

Your pool enclosure is invaluable in the summer months. The shade and protection it provides will lead to endless backyard afternoons swimming and lounging near the pool. Of course, every structure needs a little maintenance. If you want your pool enclosure to stay beautiful for years, you’ll need to pencil in a little routine maintenance. Fortunately, pool enclosures are much easier to maintain than sweeping your pool – which you no longer have to do. All you need is a garden hose or power washer and a little bit of time. Anyone can have a clean pool cage.

Here are our best pool enclosure maintenance tips on how to clean screened pool enclosures.

Regularly Clean Your Swimming Pool or Patio Enclosure

The screen of your pool enclosure may keep debris out, but it also catches that debris along with other things like mold spores that might take root. Knowing how to clean a screened pool enclosure is as easy as spraying down the screen occasionally.

Spray Down the Screen

Blast your pool enclosure screen from the inside out with a power washer or garden hose set on the strong sprayer setting. Simply wash away any built-up dirt or debris that tried to get in but stuck to the screen instead.

Occasional Power Washing

If you don’t typically have a power washer (like most people), then you can rent a power washer from your local department store once or twice a year. A solid power-washing is a great way to keep your pool enclosure clean and ensure a regularly clean pool cage.

Soapy Water When Necessary

Dish soap is how to clean algae from the pool screen enclosure. You can get rid of it by adding dish soap to the water you spray over the screen. This will wash away the natural growing patches. Just don’t go too sudsy.

Inspect Your Enclosure & Do Not Climb on Enclosure

The best way to minimize pool enclosure maintenance is to catch issues early. After the screen enclosure, look closer at your overall enclosure structure.

Look for Signs of Wear or Damage

Pay attention to each detail of your pool screen enclosure and try to notice things like a piece rusting through or a pole bent out of place. The earlier the issue is fixed, the less costly it will be to repair.

Protect Your Enclosure From Climbing

Speaking of damage to the enclosure: do not climb your pool enclosure. We also don’t advise letting children climb the enclosure, either. A durable Absolute Aluminum screen enclosure is built to support the weight of the screen, not the weight of a person, and could become damaged if someone climbs.

Take Care of the Railing

Lastly, the railing that creates your pool enclosure structure is an important part of the installation. Take care of the railing, and the railing will take care of your enclosure.

Clean the Rails Regularly

Wipe down the rails of your pool enclosure regularly with a damp cloth with a little bit of dish soap. This will discourage growth, kill bacteria, and wipe away dust buildup on the railing.

Remove Debris from the Railing

If rocks, twigs, or other debris build up in your enclosure railing, clear them out on a regular basis to keep your enclosure in good condition.

Call for Professional Maintenance

While regular cleaning is good for your pool enclosure, there are some issues you shouldn’t expect to fix on your own. If you notice damage to your railing or screen, you can call for professional maintenance services to quickly resolve the problem.

However, if your pool enclosure needs constant repairs, it might be time to install a new one.

Choose Absolute Aluminum For All Your Pool Enclosure Needs

A clean pool cage is only a few careful steps away. Your screen enclosure takes very little maintenance, and what maintenance it does need is not complicated or labor-intensive. But for more serious pool enclosure maintenance matters, Absolute Aluminum is here to help. We can provide tips and services to keep your pool enclosure beautiful and replace an old pool enclosure if yours has worn out over the years. Get a quote today for pool enclosure services.