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Does a Pool Enclosure or Screened Room Add Value to My Home?

Every addition to your home can potentially raise its long-term property value. This is a great deal when it comes to home improvements because when you add features that you love and enjoy, you also get the satisfaction of returns should you sell the house in the future. While most of the time, these home improvements refer to things like kitchen remodels or finishing the attic; you can also add value to your home with a pool enclosure or screened room.

What Is the Difference Between a Screened Room and a Pool Enclosure?

If you’re thinking about building a screened addition to your home, let’s know the difference between a screened room and a pool enclosure. The primary difference is one of size. Screened rooms are typically the size of a medium to a large room. A large screened room might be 7×10 square feet, while a small screened room might be as small as 5×5 square feet. A screened room’s roof is also more likely to be at patio-roof height compared to a pool enclosure.

A pool enclosure is typically much larger – large enough to cover the entire pool and the patio. Pool enclosures can also be as tall as two stories high. Many families put a screened pool enclosure over their entire backyard space. This provides patio-wide shade, protection from debris, and backyard security.  

How Long Do Pool Enclosures Last?

Depending on the quality of the materials and the installation, your pool enclosure can last anywhere from five years to twenty-five years. Rust-resistant aluminum is ideal for the Florida climate’s constant humidity, while a durable screen is essential for a long-lasting screened enclosure. If built correctly, a screen enclosure can last over two decades without any major repairs.

This means that once you install a pool enclosure, it will serve your family beautifully for years and still be around to add value when you sell the house.

How A Pool Enclosure Adds Value to Your Home

  • Reduces pool maintenance, raising the value of your pool
  • Transforms the patio into soothing outdoor living.
  • Backyard security inside and out.

A pool enclosure is a perfect addition to a house with a pool for adding value. Why? Because most people love the idea of a pool rather than the idea of constant pool maintenance or baking in the sun. A pool enclosure solves both these problems by simplifying pool maintenance and even reducing the total heat inside the enclosure.

In this way, screened room or pool enclosure creates a beautiful space for outdoor living, which is a rising trend among homeowners and home buyers. You can create a family barbecue space or hang hammocks for lounging, and future buyers will also see the luxury potential.

In addition, a screened pool enclosure adds security to the backyard and a luxuriously elegant look from a distance that could raise any home’s value on today’s market.

Absolute Aluminum – Your Pool Enclosure Experts (Closing)

Does a pool screen room or screened-in porch add value to your home? Absolutely. Whether you screen-in a small space for an outdoor room that catches fresh breezes or want to build a full enclosure over your entire pool and patio, home buyers love to see screened enclosures, and each installation can raise the value of your home.
To build the perfect screen pool enclosure or screen room for your home, contact Absolute Aluminum. Our dedicated team will build you a beautiful enclosure designed to last many years, delighting your family and future buyers alike.


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