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Florida Pool Enclosure Cost: Pricing Factors to Consider

If you plan to build a pool enclosure for your home, the natural first step is getting a cost estimate. Many homeowners are surprised to discover that costs have gone up. If you got a quote a few years ago or heard the price of a friend’s or neighbor’s pool enclosure a while back, pricing how much it costs to screen an enclosure today is likely not what you expect.

The truth is that it is not your imagination or just one or two high quotes. The price of a pool enclosure in Florida (and everywhere else) has increased. The price of all construction and home improvement projects has increased significantly since the pandemic, and the aftershocks of 2020’s devastating economic hit have yet to fade. Today, we are going into detail on why new pool enclosures and even the cost of replacing an enclosure screen have increased over the past few years.

Getting to the Bottom of Construction Cost Changes

Construction industry factors that began during the pandemic are still strongly affecting the costs of any building work or material sourcing done today. The influences on increasing costs are surprisingly vast, from new construction to major repairs. If you’ve been looking into the price of a pool enclosure or how much it costs to rescreen an enclosure, we can reveal why prices have gone up.


A tariff is a special type of tax that is charged for exported goods. Many countries increased their tariffs during the pandemic in an attempt to handle internal economic struggles and most of these increased tariffs are still in place. These tariffs, in turn, increase the cost of building materials brought in from overseas – including common brands you may not have realized were imported.

Supply Chain Issues

In a global economy, disruption in Europe and lockdowns in China have led to serious supply chain interruptions. Common sources of raw and processed materials are unavailable. At the same time, there are not enough truck drivers and other logistics personnel to keep available supplies restocked in locations across the country.

Scheduling Delays

Combined influences like supply chain lead times have also resulted in long scheduling delays. It is difficult for your lanai builders to predict when the next restock of supply is coming, which can lead to unexpected or unpredictable scheduling delays.

Labor Shortages

In addition to logistics shortages, there are labor shortages across the board in every industry and role, which includes manufacturing, construction, logistics, and much more. Labor shortages also have a chain reaction, as too few people at the docks, train stations, and driving trucks can lead to delivery delays, while too few people in the manufacturing plants will lead to shortages.


The significant inflation that has occurred in the last two years has also played an understandable role in the increased cost of all projects, not just the construction of a pool enclosure.

Rising Energy Prices

Even energy prices can influence the overall cost of building or repairing your pool enclosure. Fuel, for example, is needed to carry truckloads of building materials, increasing the logistics cost for each project.

How Will Construction Cost Increases Impact My Pool Enclosure Installation?

Construction cost increases can have a significant impact on the overall cost of installation, particularly with higher material and labor costs. To manage expenses, it’s important to budget carefully and collaborate with your contractor to identify cost-saving measures.

How Much Does a Pool Enclosure Cost?

The cost of a pool enclosure greatly depends on the size and style of pool enclosure you require for your home. If you require a custom pool enclosure, that is also factored into the cost.

Other Factors That Affect Cost

What else influences the cost of your pool enclosure? Consider the materials, the roof shape, doors, lighting, built-in ventilation, and whether you’d like a retractable panel or shell as part of your plan.

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