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How to Clean Screen Enclosures for Pools and Patios

We all love our pool and patio enclosures in Florida.  They keep out dirt and debris as well as animals and bugs.  Our enclosures also allow us to enjoy time outdoors without our view being obstructed.  But screen enclosures do require care and cleaning to keep them looking their best and lasting a long time.  Most screen enclosures can be cleaned with regular household items and a little effort.  Besides, you can do this while soaking up the beautiful Florida sunshine.

When looking for an enclosure for your pool or patio, look no further than Absolute Aluminum.  With our unrivaled experience in aluminum construction and our decades of knowledge in pool and patio enclosures, you can rest assured that you will have a durable and beautiful enclosure that offers you and your family beauty, security, and comfort for years to come.  Your screen enclosure should be maintained and cleaned to look its best and last a long time.  Here are some suggestions on how to clean your enclosure easily.

Pool Enclosure Cleaning by Hand

There are a few ways to clean your pool or patio enclosure.  The one that works best for you will depend on the frequency of cleaning, the exposure to the elements, the age of your enclosure, and if there are any signs of mold or algae.  Not only will clean screens make them look new and offer a clear view, but regular cleaning can increase the life of your enclosure.

  • Use Soap and Water: For the simplest type of cleaning where no special equipment is needed, just gather a bucket, some brushes, a garden hose, and some dish soap.  With soapy water from the bucket, gently scrub the screens and frame to remove dirt and dust.  Use your garden hose to rinse thoroughly.  Let it air dry.  If once dry you see some areas that still look dirty, go over them again with the same process. 
  • Try Vinegar for Mold and Algae: Mold and algae thrive in moist, warm areas where you may find pollen or spores.  Florida pool enclosures are perfect for that.  However, most mold and algae stains can be removed with vinegar.  In your bucket, combine water and vinegar in a 1:1 mixture and apply to the areas with your brush.  Rinse thoroughly with your garden hose.
  • Use Bleach if Needed: If mold and algae are resistant to the vinegar mixture, you can use bleach.  This solution is mixed with 3:1 bleach to water.  Be aware that bleach is caustic and can be harsh on the skin, discolor clothing, and can damage some metals.  Always wear gloves when using and if you have a sensitive respiratory system, it is a good idea to wear a mask.

Pool and patio enclosures can also be cleaned using a power washer.  If you decide to use this method, be very careful to use a soft wash because you could damage the screen if the water pressure is too high.

Can Bleach or Vinegar Help with Mold and Algae?

Both vinegar and bleach are practical, powerful ingredients to kill mold and algae.  It is your personal preference as to which you choose to use.  Vinegar is the safest of the two since it is natural and non-toxic.  Bleach is more powerful but is caustic to use.  Both are inexpensive yet effective ways to clean mold or algae.

Knowing when it’s Time to Replace your Pool Enclosure

It may be time to replace your pool enclosure if you are starting to notice wear or disrepair.  If screens are off-color or torn, brittle, or weak, they may not be functioning properly.  If you are cleaning your screens regularly but have an abundance of algae growth, it may be because the screens are no longer able to keep out the spores and pollen that they used to.  Also check for rusty fasteners or missing, or non-working equipment.  In short, if you are not enjoying your enclosure the way you used to, it may be time to consider replacement.

New Pool Enclosures in Florida

If you need a pool enclosure replaced, or you want to install your first enclosure, Absolute Aluminum can design and install the enclosure of your dreams.  We will visit your site, and design an enclosure that best fits your needs while enhancing the beauty of your home and pool.  Call us today or contact us to discuss how we can help.


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