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What Is The Best Way To Keep a Pool Clean?

If you have visions of a crystal clear swimming pool but are still determining if you can take on the tasks involved in keeping a pool clean, you may be surprised that pool maintenance is easier and more time-consuming than you think. Keeping your pool clean is essential to having the clear, clean water you dream of. You can achieve that look by keeping your pool at the proper pH level with chemicals, consistently doing regular pool maintenance, and, above all, keeping your pool clean.

Installing a pool enclosure by Absolute Aluminum can help keep bugs and debris from getting into your pool, making it easier to maintain the proper chemical balance and requiring less work to clean your pool. Our customized pool cages can keep the beauty and pests out without obstructing your view.

Secrets to Maintaining a Clean and Safe Swimming Pool

Maybe it is not a secret, but a well-known fact: To keep and maintain a clean and safe swimming pool, you must have regularly scheduled maintenance. This means you create a schedule for testing, cleaning, and maintaining your pool. Decide who will handle the care of the pool. Will you perform the maintenance yourself or hire a service? Whichever you decide, the schedule should include these important tasks:

  1. The water in the pool should be tested, and chemicals should be added to adjust the pH levels. Pool water ideally should have a pH between 7.2 and 7.6. You can test the water using test strips. If the pH is too high, you risk forming algae and lime, and swimmers can also have unhealthy reactions to their skin and eyes. Low pH readings are also unhealthy for your skin and eyes. Keeping your pool water at a safe pH level makes cleaning easier, water clearer, and ultimately saves you money on chemicals.
  2. Clean the walls or liner of the pool and skim the surface. This job must be done weekly or more frequently, particularly when you experience wind or storms. With a pool cage from Absolute Aluminum, you can cut the time spent skimming the pool walls and skimming and removing leaves from the surface and the bottom.
  3. A pool filter is necessary for your pool to remain clean, sparkly, and at peak performance. After several weeks, filters may start to clog, becoming less efficient. That means you spend more time skimming and vacuuming and may have to add more chemicals. Clean the pool filters at least once a month or as needed.
  4. Shocking your pool weekly keeps the algae at bay and bacteria levels low. If your pool has seen heavy use, shock it more frequently.

The Importance of a Clean Swimming Pool

Of course, you want your pool to be a thing of beauty. But beyond aesthetics, your pool must provide a safe and healthy place for your family and friends to use. Clean pools are healthy pools, free from bacteria.

Clean pools are also efficient. If your pool gets out of control, is dirty, and is filled with algae and bacteria, returning it to being clean and healthy is more expensive and time-consuming. Contaminants can also damage your pool, filtration systems, and other parts of your pool. Pool repairs and replacement parts can be costly.

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