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How to Tell When You Need Pool Screen Replacement

Pool screen enclosures are wonderful for keeping bugs and debris out of your pool area, but even a small hole in the screen can render the whole structure virtually useless. That can be an obvious sign that you need to have your pool enclosure replaced, but there are several other things to look out for as well. Contact Absolute Aluminum today if you notice any of these signs:

Torn Screens

Pesky bugs will find even the smallest hole in your screens, so if you notice tears or holes, it’s definitely time to have your enclosure replaced. While it can be tempting to perform a patch repair or rescreen only a portion of the enclosure in this case, it’s often a better choice to replace the whole structure—if the screen has weakened enough to tear once, it’ll likely tear soon in other places as well. Of course, if an accident results in damage to a brand-new screen, a patch or partial rescreen may be a viable option.

Mold or Mildew

You might not think that mold or mildew would grow on aluminum, but it can, thanks to Florida’s intense humidity. Mold and mildew can damage and weaken screens, and can be very difficult to eradicate. Our team of professionals can help you determine if the mold or mildew can be treated or if an enclosure replacement is your best option.

Rust or Corrosion

Especially if you live near the ocean or have a saltwater pool, your pool enclosure may be damaged over time by rust and corrosion. If you notice signs of rust, it could mean that your screen is weakened and the integrity of the entire structure is compromised, which could be dangerous come hurricane season.

Damage to Fascia or Soffit

Many pool enclosures are attached to the side of a house or pool building. This can create a cozy nesting space for birds and squirrels, and it may also result in slow water drainage, which can cause damage over time. If you notice any issues with the soffit or fascia of your home, an enclosure replacement may be necessary in order to access and repair them.

You Want a Different Screen Type

Maybe your preferences or situation has changed and you now require a different type of screen. For instance, if you’ve gotten a pet or had a baby, you may wish to upgrade to a sturdier screen that can handle pets or kids pushing against it. Or, if you notice that no-see-ums can still get through your screen, you might want to replace the pool cage with one that has a finer mesh.

At Absolute Aluminum, we offer a variety of different screen types, so you can choose from the features listed above or options that provide extra UV protection or one-way privacy.

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