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Are Pool Enclosures Worth It?

When you own a house with a pool, it is worth thinking about how you build around it. The quality of your pool deck or patio is important, but have you considered the impact of your pool enclosure on your overall pool experience? Pool screens in Florida are extremely common. You can see them peeking over backyard fence lines in almost every neighborhood. Whether your pool is brand new or you are currently planning to reduce pool maintenance over time, a pool enclosure can be a very beneficial choice.


But are they worth it? Pool enclosures are large structures made of screens that require annual maintenance. It is up to you to decide if the benefits are persuasive for your backyard design and lifestyle preferences. Let’s take a closer look at what might make a pool enclosure worth it for your home’s backyard.


What is a Pool Cage or Enclosure?

The first thing to note is that there are two distinct types of pool enclosure: A glass pool cage and a screened pool enclosure.  Here at Absolute Aluminum, we only install screened pool enclosures because we have found that these work best in Florida.


Pool Cages vs. Pool Screen Enclosures

A pool cage is an aluminum-framed structure with durable, wind-resistant panels. Pool cages transform your back patio into an enclosed porch or solarium, with many of the benefits (and challenges) of swimming indoors.


A pool screen enclosure is exactly what it sounds like. Pool screens in Florida also start with an aluminum frame design, but the panels are made of mesh screen to allow warm breezes through and a more indoor-outdoor experience compared to a pool cage.


The Benefits of Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures provide a multitude of benefits to homeowners, from extending the swimming season to adding an extra layer of safety and security. There’s a reason pool screen enclosures are so popular for Florida homes. A pool enclosure can greatly enhance your pool experience and add value to your property.


Added Security

First, complete pool screen enclosures increase the safety of your backyard pool. A good enclosure keeps small children and pets safely inside your yard, and a complete pool enclosure can also prevent unwanted visitors. From fence-hopping vandals to dangerous aquatic wildlife (gators), a pool enclosure discourages any unsafe crossing of the property line.


Easier Maintenance

The one thing every Floridian with a pool enclosure notices is that it becomes much easier to keep your pool clean. A pool enclosure keeps leaves, dirt, and unwanted insects from landing in your pool. You can save days’ worth of time every year, usually spent skimming debris from your pool and cleaning similar debris from the filter. You are also much less likely to run into a dead insect on the water’s surface while swimming.


Get More Swim Time

Combining a pool screen enclosure in Florida with a pool heater can make it easier to enjoy swimming all year, in any weather. A solid paneled top to your pool enclosure can keep the rain out, an enclosed space traps heat better, and a pool heater ensures that the time you save on cleaning your pool can be enjoyed swimming instead, no matter the temperature outside.


Sunlight Protection

The Florida sunshine can be pretty impressive sometimes, and a pool screen enclosure can help. Your pool enclosure can reduce the risk of sunburn when lounging on your patio, floating in a pool chair, or playing volleyball in the shallow end.


Block Insects and Animals

Florida has plenty of wildlife. Insects and local animals come from every corner of the wetlands that often run through and around local neighborhoods. A complete pool screen enclosure is the best way to keep insects and critters out of your pool. Better than a fence line, pool screen enclosures in Florida are completely enclosed, so there are no fence posts to slip past, and the screen even blocks airborne insects from landing on your water.


Picking Out the Best Enclosure

When choosing a screen enclosure for your Florida home, consider what will make it the most enjoyable, beneficial, and long-lasting for your family.


Backyard Configuration

The right size and shape of pool enclosure for your home depends on the design of your backyard. You can choose to screen the entire backyard or, if you have a large green space, screen the patio deck around the pool. 


Design Preferences

Absolute Aluminum has many different designs for pool screen enclosures, so choose what works best for you. Do you want the option to control how much sun is allowed in and be able to close the roof during rain? Now you can with our award winning louvered roof system StruXure Pivot and Pivot XL .  These are design to be  eye-catching and  compliment your home’s architecture.



Lastly, climate can influence your choice. Warmer places like Florida benefit from screen enclosures, while providing some protection from the hot sun.  

Contact the Florida Pool Enclosure Specialists 

Pool enclosures can be a worthwhile investment for homeowners who want to extend their swimming season, increase the value of their property, and add an extra layer of safety and security to their pool area. Considering the cost and maintenance requirements is also important, as well as the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner, before making a decision. 


If you’re considering adding a pool enclosure to your property, contact Absolute Aluminum today. Our team of experts will work with you to design and install a custom enclosure that fits your specific needs and preferences. With our high-quality materials and professional installation, you can enjoy all the benefits of a pool enclosure while adding value to your property. Contact us today to learn more.


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