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How to Heat Up Your Pool Enclosure

Building an enclosure over your pool is one of the best ways to keep your water clean and provide a shady environment for poolside lounging. On top of noticing that it is cooler inside a pool enclosure than in direct sunlight, you are reducing your risk of scorched feet and shoulders in the summer and making your pool more appealing in the wintertime. While lounging poolside in the winter, you will want a few ways to heat your pool enclosure and your pool.

Heated pool enclosures make for delightful year-round recreation and outdoor living gatherings with friends and family. There are several ways to heat your pool and the winter pool enclosure.

How to Heat a Pool Enclosure for Winter

While you could have a pool dome for winter, a winter pool enclosure allows you to enjoy outdoor living in style all year. A winter or winterized pool enclosure uses wind-blocking and heat-trapping panels to help you stay comfortable and enjoy your heated pool better. Here are the leading ways to heat a pool enclosure.

Heat Pump Heating

A heat pump is a great device for Florida winters. It transfers ambient heat (you’d be surprised) from the air into warm coils, which then act as a heater. You can use a heat pump as radiant heating for your pool enclosure. You can use a similar method to heat the water in your pool, and many homes use a heat pump for HVAC.

Patio Space Heaters

Small electric space heaters are safe and comfortable inside a pool enclosure. Radiant heat patio furniture is the most elegant way to heat your pool enclosure without a bulky central heater. Heating near your patio gathering spaces will also keep your guests comfortable without using more energy than necessary. Strategic placement of your patio space heaters will ensure that each place your guests enjoy sitting, standing, or lounging will be delightfully warm.

Virtual Fireplace

Another form of radiant heating is the popular virtual fireplace. While fires are inadvisable inside a pool enclosure, a virtual flame can be beautiful and warm. Virtual fires are a popular choice in Florida, where they can be beautiful in the summer when you don’t need extra heat, and you can switch on the heat whenever your gathering wants to warm up from fall and winter chill.

Effective Ways to Heat Your Pool

Of course, inside your heated pool enclosure, you will also want to heat your pool. Here are some of the best pool heating methods for Florida homes.

Solar Covers

Solar covers are pool covers designed to prevent evaporation while absorbing heat from the sun. Solar covers are often black; some can be considered winter pool domes. These simple and effective pool covers are also helpful for keeping your pool clean when not in use.

Solar Sun Rings

Solar sun rings are floating pool covers that work for any pool. They are large rectangular inflatable shapes that simultaneously warm and protect your pool but don’t need to be perfectly fitted. Like very large lounge floats, they absorb light from the sun and transfer it to the water while preventing evaporation and debris.

Pool Heat Pump

A heat pump for your pool uses fluid lines to pull heat out of the air and transfer it into your pool, the same way heat pump HVAC and pool enclosure heating works.

Liquid Solar Pool Covers

Liquid solar pool covers are a liquid you pour into your pool that forms an evaporation-resistant layer over the top. They are favored by venues that like a perfect-looking pool at all times. The liquid forms a solar-collecting surface that resists evaporation and can keep your pool arm. The liquid is biodegradable and safe to swim in but can blow away in high winds.

Wind-Proof Pool Enclosures

Because wind and evaporation cause pool cooling, a wind-proof pool enclosure is also a great way to keep your pool warm and comfortable, especially in windy areas. You can get the right wind-proof patio enclosure for your needs at any time with Absolute Aluminum.

Contact the Florida Pool Enclosure Specialists

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We can help you design the perfect enclosure for your patio, family, lifestyle, and year-round poolside plans. We can even help you with multi-season features that will make your pool enclosure warmer in the winter but still breezy in the summer. Contact us today for a quote.



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