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How much is a screen enclosure for a pool

Swimming pools are best when enjoyed outdoors. The warm breezes blend perfectly with the sunshine for those lounging and swimming, but why endure mosquitoes and leaves in the pool when you don’t have to? A pool enclosure provides security, light shade, and environmental control around your pool while continuing to enjoy all the benefits of outdoor backyard space.


Depending on their size, pool screen enclosure costs are quite affordable for the benefit they provide and the size of the installation. Of course, several factors also affect exactly how much your pool screen enclosure will cost.


Let’s take a closer look at how to estimate the cost of upgrading your backyard with the comfort and security of a pool screen enclosure.


Factors in Calculating Pool Screen Enclosure Cost

Every backyard and pool is unique. The size, shape, and design of your backyard will play a role in the right screen enclosure for the space. You will need to consider these factors alongside your preferences when seeking to price the pool screen enclosure for your backyard.


Size and Height

There are three heights for a screened pool enclosure. The lowest covers just the pool and may be retractable, to keep leaves out when you are not swimming. The most common is the height of a covered porch which may wrap your deck and patio as well as the pool. The largest is 2-3 stories tall and is designed to encompass your entire backyard area. However, each progressively larger size is also more costly per square foot.


Shape and Design

The shape and design of the frame you choose for your screen enclosure determines how much screen you need and the complexity of installation. Both factors can influence the price of the total enclosure. Explore your options in terms of fitting your space, durable design, and your own sense of style.



Not all enclosure screens are made the same. Some are heavier, providing slightly more diffuse shade and durability. Some are printed, giving you beautiful backdrop scenery when looking out – and more privacy looking in. Screen materials may be subtly different colors. Each screen material will likely come at a slightly or significantly different price. Be sure to ask your builder which materials they recommend for long-term performance and appearance.


Choosing glass or polycarbonate instead of a screen will also, naturally, increase the price. 



Every installation includes the cost of labor, and local teams will charge a slightly different amount per hour of work. The final screen enclosure cost for labor will also depend on how complex and time-consuming the installation will be, considering how many people are needed and how much time it takes to install.


Number and Type of Doors

When you build an enclosure, access matters. An enclosure that covers your deck and pool may still exit to the patio. A full-yard enclosure will still need an exit to the home and front yard. Low-screen enclosures may have a gate or an automated retraction system. You can also add pet doors, storm doors, and screen doors depending on your home’s unique needs and use patterns.


Additional Costs and Considerations

Don’t forget the extras when calculating the cost of a pool screen enclosure! Any large installation – and this is a large installation – will also include peripheral costs. The most common additional costs for a screen enclosure are:

  • Landscaping before and after
  • Lighting the enclosure
  • Privacy and shade
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Retractable motor system
  • Screen enclosure maintenance


If your backyard is not already fully paved, you may need to landscape it before and after the enclosure. Installing lighting on those overhead beams can be tempting and rewarding and add a little extra cost for wiring and lights. With a sturdy frame, you can even install fans!


You may want to install rain management in the form of gutters and downspouts to protect your patio foundation, and of course, a retractable system is its own added expense. Finally, don’t forget to plan ahead for annual maintenance, just like the rest of your home.


Plan Your Pool Screen Enclosure with Absolute Aluminum

Here at Absolute Aluminum, we specialize in beautifully brought, sturdy, and lightweight aluminum installations throughout the South Florida area. Whether you want a small screen to keep the leaves out of your pool or a shady enclosure to create a mosquito-free paradise for the whole patio, we’ll work with you to ensure your backyard is as elegant, welcoming, and satisfactorily functional as you envisioned.


Get a quote today to learn the estimated cost of your ideal pool screen enclosure and how to make that dream into a reality.