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Pool Enclosure Design Options Explained

If you’re looking to enjoy your home’s pool in peace away from pests, debris, nosey neighbors, and harsh UV rays, then a pool enclosure is the solution you need. However, not all pool enclosures are designed the same, and you’re going to want one that aligns with your outdoor needs and desired aesthetic. To make the design process easier, here’s a few simple explanations of popular pool enclosure design options, courtesy of the experts at Absolute Aluminum.


The heart of every pool enclosure’s design is its roof. There are several types of pool enclosure roofs, each with their own unique benefits, such as:

Gable Roofs

Also known as A-frame roofs, gable roofs sport two sloping sides that create a triangle. They are a popular pool enclosure design among Florida homeowners because it shares the same roof design as most Florida houses. A gable roof pool enclosure can stand alone and surround your pool or it can be attached to an open patio that also has a gable roof.

Dome Roofs

Including a dome roof in your pool enclosure design is a great way to create a sense of open space. It can also boost your home’s curb appeal thanks to its attractive architectural design and gentle slope. Due to their design, dome roof pool enclosures can also resist strong winds, especially during severe storms.

Mansard Roofs

The mansard roof is one of the most popular pool enclosure designs and features a roof that slopes upward on all sides as well as a flat, level midsection. This roof type creates a wonderful sense of open space thanks to its unique design.

Hip Roofs

Pool enclosures with hip roofs are very similar to those with mansard roofs, however, there is one key difference—hip roofs lack a mid-section. Instead, hip roofs slope up at all sides to meet at the top. The roof’s slopes give it optimal wind resistance during heavy storms.

2-Story Screen Enclosures

Though less common, two-story screen enclosures are great for two-story homes and townhouses. These types of pool enclosures can make for a spacious outdoor living space as well as provide an enclosure for a top-floor balcony.

Other Types

Shed Roof Design
A shed enclosure, sometimes called a sloped roof, extends from your home’s existing roof.

Standard Screen Rooms
A standard screen room is a free-standing screened-in structure in the essential shape of a house.


Another aspect of designing the right pool enclosure for your home is getting the best lighting. That’s why Absolute Aluminum offers Nebula lighting as add-on to our pool enclosures. Nebula lighting is installed directly onto the beams of your pool enclosure to create even lighting across the pool area.


At Absolute Aluminum, we design and install mansard-style pool enclosures, aka mansard roofs, standard cages (with the traditional posts and chair rails), a front wall Absoview (the wall parallel to the back of the house is designed to have no center posts or chair rails) and the Absoview (all of the cage walls are engineered to be without the middle posts and chair rails).

Mansard pool enclosures are one of the most popular choices thanks to their modern, symmetrical design. They feature flat tops and gently sloping sides that taper off into panels below, giving them a unique look. This design creates the feeling of large, wide-open spaces which is perfect for a pool enclosure. Mansard roof enclosures offer one of the strongest designs since they have more walls and panels than other types of structures. These panels also provide better protection from inclement weather conditions and debris, making them ideal for many climates.

A front wall Absoview adds a picture window to one wall and can be an affordable way to transform the interior of your space. Not only will it provide you with natural light and ventilation, but it also provides a breathtaking view that is guaranteed to capture the surrounding scenery awe-inspiringly.

When you create a one-wall picture window, you have options that come into play so that the remaining wall can be re-engineered for maximum benefit. This process includes structural reinforcement against wind blasts or seismic events, a specialized isolation system that ensures noise control, and insulation for thermal comfort. Additionally, when one full wall becomes a single pane of glass, architectural integrity is preserved so design elements are kept in proportion while allowing optimal viewing from within the space.

Absoview, aka The Expanded View pool enclosure, is only available from Absolute Aluminum. This new design moves the vertical posts out an impressive 24 feet, creating a picture frame and totally maximizing your view. By eliminating the chair rail, it also increases the viewable area from any deck or patio. With all TuffScreen® mesh standards on all Expanded View pool enclosures, know that you have a rigid screen wall that’s protected by a 10-year warranty against wear and tear.

Our knowledgeable sales team at Absolute Aluminum is dedicated to helping you customize your perfect Expanded View design that caters to your needs. Whether installing around curves or jutting decks, we guarantee our team will get you the exact look and feel you absolutely love without compromising quality or safety standards. To take full advantage of your outdoor living space while also protecting your backyard paradise, choose Absolute Aluminum’s unbeatable Expanded View pool enclosure system!


Screened pool enclosures are more versatile and beneficial than you might realize. Depending on the design of your screened enclosure, you can make your backyard more welcoming, your patio more relaxing and seriously reduce pool maintenance with one elegant choice.

Easy Pool Maintenance

With a screened pool enclosure, leaves and debris will finally stop blowing into your pool. You can stop sweeping the pool, and your filters will have a much easier time (and last much longer) once the screen is up.

Heat and Glare Reduction

The screen surrounding your pool and patio gently reduces the strength of the sun’s rays without blocking the breeze or the view. Enjoy a lightly shady patio with less heat, no scorched feet, and minimized summertime glare off the patio pavers.

Less Water Evaporation

A screened pool enclosure even helps you to conserve water. The enclosure reduces water evaporation from your pool so that you don’t have to fill it back up as often using the garden hose.

Outdoor Living Luxury

As you might have guessed, your pool enclosure also extends your living space into a luxurious outdoor living environment. Perfect for lounging, cooking, and friendly gatherings by the poolside.

Safety and Security

A screened pool enclosure also provides additional safety to your home, keeping children and pets inside while keeping unwanted strangers (or opportunistic swimmers) out of your yard and family space.

Increases the Value of Your Home

Lastly, a screened pool enclosure adds to the value of your home, as any future buyer would be delighted to have a pool enclosure of their own.


There are a few important factors to consider to choose the perfect pool enclosure. You’ll want to ensure the enclosure you choose fits your space and how you use it, enhances your view, and matches your maintenance needs. Absolute Aluminum can help you go through the process of preparing for and designing the ideal screen enclosure for your pool and patio.

The Size and Shape of Your Space

First, consider the dimensions of your space. Do you have a rectangular yard, an L-shaped yard, or something unique? How big is the space you want to enclose, and do you plan on enclosing the entire yard or just the pool and patio?

Plants and Planters

If there are plants in your backyard, determine whether they will thrive within the screen or should be relocated for the enclosure going up. Shade-tolerant plants may prefer life inside the enclosure but need more watering while sun-soaking plants prefer to be moved.

The Expanse of Your View

If you have an expansive and gorgeous view, consider a taller enclosure with a roof type that accentuates your view. If you do not have an expansive view, you can choose any enclosure design that looks best in the space.

Quality Framing Materials

Always look for the highest quality framing materials, including durable aluminum framing, non-corrosive fasteners, and high-quality screen material.

Potential Maintenance Schedule

No pool enclosure is entirely maintenance-free, but some require more maintenance than others. Review the maintenance required to keep your enclosure in good shape before you commit to an enclosure design.

Expert Enclosure Installation

Lastly, make sure you have access to a highly skilled and experienced installation. A pool screen enclosure is a large structure that will perform best when properly installed by pros.


No matter your design preferences, Absolute Aluminum can install the perfect pool enclosure for your home. We offer pool enclosures in a wide selection of designs so you can enjoy your pool in style. Even better, our pool enclosures meet all relevant building codes for wind resistance so they can withstand the toughest of Florida weather. Furthermore, our pool enclosures are built with incredibly durable screens that are backed by a 10-year warranty, so you can rest assured that your new pool enclosure will stay strong and beautiful for years to come.


To learn more about our pool enclosures or to schedule an installation, contact Absolute Aluminum today for a free consultation.