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Do Pergolas Add Value to Your Home?

There is something pastoral and beautiful about a pergola. While its basic design hasn’t changed in hundreds of years, there is an elegance to its form. Whether outfitted with retractable shades, draped in creeping vines, or simply painted to match your home, pergolas’ beauty and functionality have made them staples in yards around the world for centuries. But before investing in one, many homeowners wonder if a pergola will add value to their home.

While there are many caveats, in short, the answer is yes. A pergola has the potential to add value to your home, with many estimates putting the return on investment at somewhere around 50% to 80%. That makes pergolas one of the more valuable additions homeowners can put on their homes.

Getting the Most Value Out of a Pergola

The key to getting the large return on a pergola is for homeowners to choose attractive, durable materials and good construction. An ugly pergola made of shoddy materials can detract from a home’s value just as quickly as a beautiful pergola can add value.

The good news for homeowners in Florida is that pergolas can be used year-round. That means their value is relatively higher in the Sunshine State than in other places around the country.

The Trusted Source for Beautiful Pergolas

At Absolute Aluminum, we’ve been building beautiful, custom outdoor living structures throughout Florida for over 32 years. We’ve designed and installed many pergolas and can help you decide on one that will suit your home and needs perfectly. To find out more, begin designing your ideal pergola, or schedule a consultation at your home, contact Absolute Aluminum today.