Custom Pool Birdcages for Homes in Venice, FL

Pool Birdcage Venice FLA well-built pool birdcage can do an excellent job of keeping leaves and insects out of your pool area and reducing the amount of UV rays that enter the space. However, not all pool enclosures meet the same standards. To receive a custom-built pool cage in Venice that satisfies all of your functional and aesthetic requirements, turn to Absolute Aluminum, a well-known outdoor living company that has been repeatedly named Best Aluminum Contractor by The Venice-Gondolier Sun.

Enjoy Outdoor Scenery to the Fullest With an Open-View Pool Enclosure

Part of the appeal of spending time outdoors is getting to appreciate the scenery around you. So, you don’t want a pool birdcage that’s going to block your view of the water or other scenery behind your home. For this reason, Absolute Aluminum offers open-view pool enclosures in Venice, Florida, that feature less framework on the side(s) of your choosing so that you can enjoy the many benefits that pool cages offer without having to sacrifice your view.

Nebula LED Pool Cage Lighting Can Create the Ideal Nighttime Ambiance

Who says that you can only use your pool birdcage in the daytime? Pool areas make great places for nighttime gatherings when you have nebula LED lighting to set the ideal ambiance in the space. These lighting systems consist of LED lights attached underneath a pool enclosure frame, providing you with an extensive and long-lasting lighting system that you can control with a dimmer to receive the exact amount of light that you want.

Partner with the company that has installed custom pool birdcages throughout the Venice, FL, area since 1988. Contact us at Absolute Aluminum today to begin planning your dream outdoor living retreat. Click here to see solutions for outdoor kitchens.


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