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Why Are Florida Pools Enclosed?

If you’ve been invited to a few pool parties in Florida, you’ve likely noticed that many pools are enclosed, either by screens or a screen room. If you’re wondering why pools in Florida have enclosures and if you may need one for your own pool, here’s what you need to know.

The Benefits of Pool Enclosures

There are many perks to having your pool enclosed when you live in Florida, including:

UV Protection

We all know there’s never a shortage of sunny days in the Sunshine State, but those sunny days also come with harsh UV rays that can damage your skin. Pool enclosures filter the sunlight, providing great UV protection for both you and your guests.

Pest Control

Few things are more frustrating than mosquitos swarming about while you’re trying to enjoy your home’s pool. The netting for pool enclosures is so fine, that not even the tiniest of insects can pass through. This means you can swim in your pool without the risk of mosquito bites or annoying flies buzzing past your ears.

Enhanced Safety

If you have children who are too young to be at the pool alone, a pool enclosure could be a great solution to keeping them safe. Some pool enclosures have entry handles that are too high or too difficult for children to operate. This will keep your children from entering the enclosure unsupervised and falling into the pool.

Keeping Out Debris

No one wants to swim in a dirty pool, which is why many Florida homeowners invest in pool enclosures. Not only is the net fine enough to keep out bugs, it can also block dirt, twigs, leaves, and other debris from falling into your pool.

Privacy and Security

The screens of your enclosure can be customized to have your desired opacity, allowing you to enjoy your pool away from the prying eyes of nosey neighbors. Enclosures are also a great way to keep out intruders.

Types of Pool Enclosures

Another benefit to pool enclosures is that they are available in a variety of styles to suit your specific outdoor needs and aesthetic. Popular pool enclosure styles include:

Gable Roofs

Also known as A-frame roofs, these enclosures have two sloping sides that create a triangle. They’re popular among many homeowners because they share the same roof design as most Florida homes.

Dome Roofs

A pool enclosure with a dome-shaped roof creates a sense of open space. The dome design can also protect your outdoor living area from strong winds, especially during severe storms.

Mansard Roofs

One of the most popular pool enclosure designs, Mansard-roofed pool enclosures have a roof that slopes upward on all sides and a flat, level midsection. This gives your outdoor living area a sense of open space.

Our Pool Enclosures

At Absolute Aluminum, we offer pool enclosures that are customized to fit the size and shape you desire. You can also choose from our wide selection of customizable screen meshes to get the level of privacy and UV protection you need to enjoy your pool to the fullest. Even better, our enclosures are designed to meet all relevant building codes for wind resistance so your pool enclosure can withstand the harshest of Florida weather.

Interested in Installing a Pool Enclosure? Call Us!

If you want to enhance your pool’s safety or protect it from pests, debris, and UV rays, contact Absolute Aluminum, the company that Florida homeowners have trusted for more than 30 years. We’ll be happy to set up a free consultation to help you find the best pool enclosure for your home.