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How to Hire the Best Patio Contractor

How to Hire the Best Patio Contractor

Upgrading or adding a patio, pergola, outdoor kitchen, pool enclosure, or screened porch to your Florida home is a big investment, which means it’s essential to select a patio contractor that you can trust. It can be difficult to know where to start, however, so we’ve put together a guide to help you know what to look for as you make your decision.

What to Look for in a Patio Builder

It’s always a good idea to check out a few different patio contractors before committing to one. Keep these points in mind as you research potential patio contractors:

1. Investigate Their Reputation

Reputation goes a long way in the home improvement industry, and fortunately it is relatively easy to assess a contractor’s reputation. Check out reviews on third-party sites like Yelp and Google—reviews on the contractor’s own website can be helpful to a certain extent but they may cherry-pick only the best reviews to feature. You can also ask around in your neighborhood to see if anyone you know has worked with that particular patio contractor before.

If you can’t find anything online or from your neighbors, you can certainly ask the contractor to provide client references.

Look for reviews or ask others about the contractor’s communication, customer service, and efficiency as well as the quality of their products and workmanship.

2. Evaluate the Contractor’s Level of Experience

Search for a portfolio of past work on the contractor’s website and look closely at the photos to see the quality of their work. A large portfolio likely indicates that the contractor is highly experienced. You can also search their website for details like how long they’ve been in business and whether all their employees are required to have a certain number of years of experience.

New contractors or those with less experience may offer a lower price, but you run the risk of working with someone who is unproven. You’ll need to evaluate the savings-to-risk ratio based on your own comfort levels.

3. Verify Their License and Insurance

All legitimate contractors will have the appropriate licenses and insurance coverage as required by the government. Be sure to ask to verify these documents before you hire a contractor.

4. Determine Whether They are Local

Local patio contractors are more likely to be familiar with area building codes, specific terrain considerations, neighborhood trends, and weather conditions that might affect the installation process or, ultimately, the patio itself long-term.

5. Ask About Warranties

Finally, be sure to ask about warranties and compare guarantees from multiple contractors. Warranties may not seem essential, but they offer protection on your investment and peace of mind in case something should go wrong in the future.

The Absolute Aluminum Difference

At Absolute Aluminum, we are proud to offer premium patio contractor services to area homeowners. Outdoor spaces are a central part of the Florida lifestyle, which is why we offer a variety of patio installation and custom patio enclosure options. As a family-owned and -operated local business, we deliver unmatched quality and craftsmanship paired with friendly, dedicated customer service to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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