Sarasota Pergolas by Abolute AluminumPergolas date back to ancient Rome and Greece as a place to converse or relax under vented shade. The architectural design is simple and there have been few if any advancements in pergolatechnology until now!

What if the louvered beams could turn and interlock, providing total shade and protection from rain? Let me introduce you to the “Solar Powered Adjustable Pergola.”

The idea came from a pergola owner that loved the look but realized it had limited functionality regarding weather.

The louvered roof can be transformed according to the weather conditions and your personal demands.

You control the amount of light and shade you desire, including full protection from rain or sun! This is the perfect pergola for Florida!

The structure is made of heavy gauge aluminum that is engineered to withstand hurricane force winds up to 140 miles per hour. It features a self sustaining solar panel which operates the louvers without any electrical.

The motor is operated by a water resistant remote control which allows you to easily adjust the louvers to any position you desire. When fully closed, the heavy gauge louvers interlock and provide protection from the sun and rain. In fact, there is an internal gutter system that routes water to the sloped edge for easy drainage.

The pergola that we offer at Absolute Aluminum and Outdoor Living of Venice, Florida,adjustable pergola by absolute aluminum meets State hurricane codes and can be finished in white or bronze.

However, it can be customized even further to meet any style you desire.

Perhaps adding gingerbread columns and matching pergola end cuts for a classic Mediterranean look would match your aesthetic. We can do that!

Additionally, we can wrap the post and upper section in cedar to give you a natural wood look. A fan beam can be added to for a ceiling fan if desired. The pergola can be free standing or attached to your structure (even under a pool cage). The applications are limitless!

Ideal for outdoor livingareas such as; Patios, Decks,Lanais, Verandas, Court Yards, Golf Course Snack Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Community Centers, Country Clubs, Boat Docks, Outdoor Dining and Break areas and More!

Solar-Powered Adjustable Pergolas can be placed over; Pools, Spas, Outdoor Kitchens, Fire Pits, and Picnic Tables..

Virtually any place where people or patrons may enjoy finding available shade or shelter from a passing rain, is the place for a Pergola!

To find out more information about our Absolute Adjustable Pergolas, their applications and how it might benefit you, contact Absolute Aluminum and Outdoor Living at (941) 497-7777.