Outdoor KitchenShould Outdoor Kitchens Be Covered?

If you’re imagining a beautiful outdoor kitchen on your home, you’re probably envisioning stainless steel, elegant stonework, and fantastic gatherings of your friends and family. But then it hits you: what happens if a giant storm comes through? Your outdoor kitchen is probably fine, since it’s made to be outdoors after all. But what if it isn’t? Should outdoor kitchens be covered?

If you’re a homeowner in Florida or another place that gets regular rainfall, the simple answer is that you probably want your outdoor kitchen to be covered. There are some mitigating factors, however, that can influence your decision.

To Cover or Not To Cover

At Absolute Aluminum, we’ve crafted outdoor kitchens all over Florida. And, as any Floridian can tell you, the Sunshine State gets its fair share of rain. In a state that averages over 40 inches of rainfall a year, it’s reasonable to assume that your outdoor kitchen is going to get soaked occasionally.

The good news is that any equipment that is designed to be outdoors can handle moisture. Your outdoor granite countertop isn’t going to deteriorate in the rain and wash away. However, in a space where you intend to cook and entertain, do you want to regularly clean algae or rainwater from your equipment? Usually, the thought of having to regularly clean and maintain an outdoor kitchen is enough to make homeowners consider a roof.

The silver lining for needing a roof over your outdoor kitchen is that it comes with many benefits. First and foremost, homeowners can expect between a 100% and 200% return on their outdoor kitchen investments. Additionally, a roof over your kitchen will also enable you to enjoy a more weather-free outdoor cooking and entertainment space, making your life easier and your guests happier.

Your Team for Outdoor Kitchens in Florida

If you’re curious about outdoor kitchens, covering them, or any other outdoor home improvement project, turn to the team at Absolute Aluminum. With over 32 years of experience crafting custom outdoor products, we can help. To find out more or to schedule a consultation at your home, contact Absolute Aluminum today.