Solar Screens Have a Variety of Benefits for Sarasota Homeowners

Solar Screens Sarasota FLLiving in the hot Sarasota climate, many homeowners in the area are naturally concerned about the interior temperature of their home and the effect it has on both their comfort and their energy consumption. One great way to keep your home cool, particularly during those hot summer months, is to have solar screens installed by Absolute Aluminum. These amazing products can help reduce the amount of heat from the sun that enters your home through your windows, thus making it easier for your HVAC unit to maintain your desired interior temperature and potentially saving you money on your monthly energy bill.

Benefits of Our Solar Screens

Absolute Aluminum is proud to be the area’s exclusive dealer of motorized solar screens that feature the unique MagnaTrack system. These screens are operated with a simple touch of a button and will retain their functionality for many years. In fact, they are specially designed to eliminate practically all of the service issues commonly associated motorized screens as magnets help keep the screen secured on the track at the proper tension, allowing for free-floating movement every time they are used.

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