Pool Enclosures Punta Gorda FLAre you tired of swatting at bugs while you try to relax by the pool? Maybe the bright Florida sunshine is too harsh, and you’re looking for a way to tone it down. Perhaps you’re sick of constantly cleaning leaves and other debris out of your pool.

Pool enclosures built by Absolute Aluminum can solve all of these problems for Punta Gorda homeowners. Our pool enclosures:

  • Are custom-made for your exact specifications
  • Exceed building codes regarding wind resistance
  • Feature a 10-year warranty on the pool enclosure system and a 5-year warranty on labor

We also offer specialty pool enclosure features, like open-view pool cages and Nebula lighting.

Keep Your View

When you have your pool surrounded by a traditional enclosure, it can sometimes be difficult to fully enjoy the scenery beyond. That’s why we’re proud to offer open-view pool enclosures, which feature less framework on certain sides, allowing you to hang by your pool in comfort without sacrificing your view of scenery.

Gorgeous Nebula Lighting

There’s nothing quite like taking a nighttime dip in the pool during the summer, but maybe your outdoor lighting isn’t adequate enough to make that possible. That’s why we offer Nebula lighting, which is LED lights installed on the underside of your pool cage’s roof. Nebula lighting can enable you to maximize the use of your pool in the nighttime. What’s more, you’ll be able to dim your Nebula lighting as you see fit using a remote control, so you can opt for ambient low lighting or brighter light for reading a book.

Our pool enclosures take summertime dips to the next level. If you’re ready to have a pool cage installed at your Punta Gorda, FL, home, call Absolute Aluminum today to schedule your free consultation!