How a Pool Enclosure Can Increase Your Enjoyment of Your Parrish, FL, Home

Pool Enclosures Parrish FLIf you have a pool at your home in Parrish, Florida, you undoubtedly will want to have a screen enclosure built around it. A pool enclosure will prevent insects from bothering you and keep debris from entering your pool, making it easier to clean. The screens will also filter out some of the sun’s harmful UV rays, allowing you to spend more time in your pool without becoming sunburned.

Pool cages built by Absolute Aluminum provide all of these benefits and more. By custom-constructing your pool enclosure using the best materials and proven installation methods, we’ll make your outdoor space more comfortable, enjoyable, and attractive.

There’s No Substitute for Custom Pool Enclosure Design

Without thinking about it much, you may assume that all pool cages are essentially the same. However, when you compare Absolute Aluminum’s screen enclosures with the industry norm, you’ll see the difference is night and day.

Our enclosures feature many notable components that ensure they look great, perform as desired, and hold up well over time, including:

  • Shape and size specifically chosen to complement your home’s architecture
  • Screen options that vary in the level of insect protection and UV-ray filtration they provide
  • Optional open-view framework that features fewer support beams on certain sides to preserve your favorite views of outdoor scenery
  • Optional Nebula LED lighting that will provide the ideal nighttime ambiance in your outdoor space
  • An EZ Drain System that ensures effective water drainage through a one-way flap in the enclosure’s framework
  • Felt installed around the enclosure’s doors to protect them from damage
  • PVC armor plates installed on the bottom of the enclosure to prevent corrosion
  • Nylo-Tec screws that will not rust

Begin Planning Your Home’s New Pool Cage

To have your outdoor space upgraded by the area’s premier screen enclosure specialists, contact Absolute Aluminum today and schedule a free consultation. We proudly install custom pool enclosures in Parrish, FL, and all neighboring communities.