Add a StruXure Pergola to Your Home in the Sarasota, FL, Area

White louvered pergola shades a patio area with chairsIf you’re like most people, you sometimes want to spend time in the sun and other times would prefer shade. Rather than having to choose between one option or the other, you can gain complete control over your outdoor space by having Absolute Aluminum install an adjustable louvered pergola at your Sarasota, Florida, residence. We install Pergola X products from StruXure, which are popular for good reason. These innovative systems feature louvers that can rotate up to 170 degrees to provide you with protection from the sun at all times. They securely close and interlock, providing total protection from rain as well. Or, if you’re in the mood for some sun, you can easily open up the louvers with the press of a button and let the sun shine through!

Below are some additional benefits of StruXure’s Pergola X line:

Functional Options

StruXure’s Pergola X is available in four different models to provide a variety of size and functional options:

  • Pivot 6 – This pergola is the base model, which is most popular with homeowners.
  • Pivot 6 XL – This larger version of the pergola can span further and handle three times more rainwater than the base model. This model is typically used for commercial applications.
  • Pivot 6 Slide – This model still features the louvered design, but it can also provide full sky. The louvered panels can slide apart to provide a clear view of the sky or slide closed and operate the same as the Pivot 6.
  • Pan 6 – If you don’t need all sections of your Pergola X to be louvered, this model can incorporate fixed ceiling panels that can alternate with louvered zones.

Easy Operation

Known as “the smart pergola,” these pergolas incorporate the latest technology for your convenience. You have a variety of user-friendly control options for the structure, which will make adjusting your backyard pergola simpler than ever imagined.

For example, your StruXure Pergola X can be controlled via:

  • A wireless wall switch
  • A hand-held remote control
  • Voice commands by integrating Alexa, Google Assistant, or similar systems
  • Optional MyLink™ technology that connects with StruXure’s Somfy® smart device app and can be integrated with home automation systems like Creston, Control 4, Savant, RTI, Brilliant Tech, Elan, and URC

All Pergola X models include rain sensors that will close the louvers automatically at the first hint of rain. They also have wind sensors that will automatically open the louvers when wind speeds exceed 60 miles per hour which allows wind to move freely and reduces uplift, helping the pergola remain secure even during hurricanes.

Customized Appearance

Whether you want your pergola to have a traditional or contemporary appearance, we can have the structure specially designed for your preferences. You’ll be able to choose from custom column designs and colors to create the perfect look, as well as optional features such as pergola curtains that can make your space feel complete.

Available Accessories

Want to have a ceiling fan installed under your backyard pergola for better temperature control? Or how about accent lighting to enhance the nighttime character of your outdoor space? As part of the consultation process, we can walk you through these excellent options and more.

StruXure offers a TraX™ system that includes integrated channels to make it easy and seamless to install accessories like lights, screens, shades, and more either at the time of purchase or later—without having to drill into the pergola and risk weakening the structure.

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For more information about the benefits of having a Pergola X backyard pergola added to your outdoor space in the Sarasota, FL, area, contact Absolute Aluminum today and schedule a free consultation. We would be happy to provide any additional information you require about our pergolas, or the other products we offer, such as pool enclosures.