Pergola X Adjustable Pergolas for Punta Gorda, FL, Homeowners

Pergolas Punta Gorda FLSince our founding in 1988, Absolute Aluminum has earned a reputation for providing homeowners with nothing but the finest outdoor living solutions — and our pergolas are no exception. We proudly install adjustable pergolas made by Pergola X, a manufacturer whose products are in high demand in Punta Gorda, Florida, and beyond. Unlike a traditional fixed pergola, which will provide you with about 50% shade throughout the day, our Pergola X adjustable pergolas will let you enjoy the exact level of shade or sun that you want. You can either close the roof for complete shade or open the slats fully to let the sun’s rays flow through — whatever seems most desirable to you in a given moment.

Aesthetic & Functional Design Options

As with all of the outdoor living features that we install, from our pool enclosures to our outdoor kitchens, we aim to customize your pergola for your specific needs and tastes. The wide variety of column styles and color options we offer enables us to plan the perfect appearance for your pergola, whether that’s a classic, traditional design or something more modern. Furthermore, optional features such as ceiling fans, accent lighting, and curtains can make our pergolas even more comfortable and enjoyable to use. But no matter what design features you select, rest assured that all of our Pergola X pergolas satisfy homeowners’ association requirements as well as the Florida building code. So, let’s get started in planning your ideal pergola today!

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