Patio Screen Enclosures Take Bradenton, FL, Homes to the Next Level

Patio Enclosures Bradenton FLIf you’re like most Bradenton, FL, homeowners, you probably have an outdoor patio. You also probably feel like it could use some improving, right? A patio enclosure might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Patio enclosures from Absolute Aluminum offer a number of benefits for Bradenton homeowners, including:

  • Protection from the hot Florida sunshine
  • Keeping pesky insects at bay
  • The opportunity to stay dry and comfortable during summer thunderstorms

We specialize in building two different types of patio enclosures: pool cages, and screen rooms.

Pool Enclosures

At Absolute Aluminum, we pride ourselves on the quality of our pool enclosures. That’s because we custom-build every pool enclosure to our customers’ exact specifications. In addition to traditional pool cages, we also offer open-view pool enclosures, which spare you from having framework obstructing your view of the outdoors. We also offer LED Nebula lighting that can be installed on the roof of your pool enclosure to provide the perfect ambient lighting for a nighttime dip.

Screen Rooms

Looking for a way to protect your patio from bugs and direct sunlight without sacrificing fresh air? A screen room may be for you. We offer multiple screen styles for you to choose from, so you can feel confident that the structure will be built to last.

Want to learn more about how patio enclosures enhance Bradenton homeowners’ lifestyles? Call Absolute Aluminum today to find out everything you need to know and schedule a free consultation!