Add an Idyllic Outside Kitchen to Your Sarasota, FL, Home

Outdoor Kitchens Sarasota FLImagine this scenario: You’re relaxing on your patio with family or friends. Everyone is having a great time. However, at some point, you and your guests are going to start feeling hungry. When this situation arises, which would you rather do: separate yourself from the group to go cook indoors or prepare food right in the middle of the action? Of course, you’ll answer the latter, as did countless homeowners in the Sarasota, Florida, area who have had a beautiful outside kitchen installed by Absolute Aluminum.

Customization Is Key

Having served local homeowners since 1988, Absolute Aluminum understands that customer preferences vary widely. That’s why we’ll design and build your outside kitchen based on your specific needs, rather than simply installing one of the cookie-cutter outdoor kitchens that you could receive from many other companies.

Do you have a large extended family and want to have the ability to cook for the entire group? We can equip your outside kitchen with an oversized grill that has enough room for you to fire up hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone in attendance. Want to enjoy a nice, cold adult beverage while relaxing in your outdoor space? Integrated beer taps can make your outdoor kitchen your new favorite part of your home.

Drawing upon our decades of experience, we’ll ask a range of deliberate questions such as these to accurately understand how you would like to use your outdoor kitchen so that we can recommend design features accordingly. Furthermore, you can count on the products that we use to meet the highest quality standards. Our outdoor kitchens feature products made by acclaimed brands such as Danver Jordan, ensuring that your new setup will look amazing, function just the way you want, and hold up exceptionally well over time.

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