Absolute Outdoor Living of Venice, Florida has a new product. The “Picture Frame” Pool Enclosure.

Our new Picture Frame pool enclosure is engineered for the widest spans achievable, allowing for the most spectacular views! We can reach spans up to 24’ between vertical beams and eliminate the horizontal chair rail in the process.

We incorporate Super Screenas the screen of choice due to its superior strength to handle the wider spans.

The newPicture Framepool enclosureis ideal for any cage that has a water view (gulf, bay or lake), golf course view or nature view.

The wide spans with the 2 x 10 header beam creates the illusion that the image is “picture framed” as if it we’re a piece of art.

Absolute is the leader in innovativepool enclosuredesigns and can do site specific engineering with our in-house engineering staff. Build a newpool enclosurethat will be the envy of your neighbors!

Q: Can I retrofit the screen walls only and keep my current enclosure top?

Yes you can. Although it’s an easier and more cost efficient process to tear down and rebuild the entire enclosure, we can design a retrofit for doing just the walls only. We will also price the re-screening of the enclosure roof so the screen material ages at the same rate.

Q: Is this new Picture Frame design cost prohibitive?

Absolutely not. Although the process is a little more expensive due to some increases in material and labor. However the spectacular difference in look and value offsets the modest added cost (compared to a traditional cage enclosure).

Q: Does the new Picture Frame Enclosure meet hurricane codes?

Absolutely. In fact, the engineering behind this design shows it to be stronger than a traditional cage due to the fact that we are using stronger materials. The beefed up materials and fasteners required to build this new design creates a stronger enclosure that looks even better!

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