Having a backyard pool is a delight for the whole family, and a pool enclosure is a great way to enhance your backyard experience. Screened-in pool enclosures keep leaves out of your pool and create a selectively shaded space while also welcoming fresh breezes and sunlight. While you might think that adding a pool enclosure is a big ordeal, it’s not! With Absolute Aluminum, you can enjoy the transition from an open to an enclosed pool in a single day.

Our one-day pool enclosures are made of light yet durable aluminum framing and high-quality outdoor screens custom-made to fit your unique space and pool. Each enclosure can be quickly put up as to vastly improve your poolside experience.

Benefits of One-Day Pool Enclosures

One-day pool enclosures give you all the advantages of a screened pool without the hassle of a long installation. When you choose one-day pool screen enclosures with Absolute Aluminum, you will soon enjoy the many advantages offered by our top-quality enclosure structures.

Fast Installation

Adding a pool enclosure doesn’t have to take days or weeks of construction. Absolute Aluminum has the expertise required to prepare every piece of your custom-fit screened-in pool enclosure for a single-day installation. In just a few hours, your pool will transform from an open backyard to a shady paradise, elegant and free of leaves.

UV Protection

Advanced pool screen materials provide the benefit of UV protection. By blocking 40-70% of UV rays, you can lounge by the pool with little to no sunscreen without worries about long-term damage to your skin. Pool screen enclosures provide subtle shade, dispersing direct sunlight into a warm, breezy experience without glare or UV risks.

Very Low Maintenance Structure

Screened-in pool enclosures are surprisingly low-maintenance. Durable aluminum frames and outdoor screens ensure the Florida seasons beautifully, only needing the occasional cleaning and inspection along with your usual annual home maintenance routine.

Less Pool Cleaning Needed

One of the best things about a pool screen enclosure is that it keeps leaves and debris out of your pool. If you are tired of scooping leaves, tree nuts, pine needles, and other debris from the pool, you can say goodbye to the pool net. An enclosure ensures that all of nature’s little flying gifts (including insects) are directed out and around your backyard instead of finding their way into your clear blue oasis.


Our one-day pool enclosures are more affordable than you might think. The simple yet elegant design makes the best use of materials while one-day installation ensures you don’t have to worry about days of labor costs. Our professionals will quickly build the perfect screen enclosure with no excess costs for features or time you don’t need.

Swim & Entertain All Year Round!

With pool enclosures, you don’t have to wait for the perfect wether to swim or to host friends and family to swim with you. Combined with a pool heater for cool seasons and your choice of top, you can enjoy your backyard and pool all year

Why Hire a Pool Enclosure Professional? 

Putting together a pool enclosure is not just something that you can do with a kit and instructions. At Absolute Aluminum, our expert team will ensure that all structural laws and regulations are adhered to in how your pool screen enclosure is constructed, how it attaches to your house, and how to ensure the structure is safe in the face of bad weather.

Absolute Aluminum Is Ready to Install Your New Pool Enclosure for Your Florida Home

Absolute Aluminum will measure, design, and construct a beautiful pool enclosure for your Florida home. Our expert teams, excellent quality materials, and outstanding performance will speak for themselves. Contact us today to consult on one-day pool enclosure designs for your home.