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The Versatile Gutter Protection System

The Solution™ is a versatile gutter protection system that was designed to work with either new or existing residential gutters.  Its unique, patented design allows water to go exactly where it is supposed to go (into your gutters) while keeping the leaves and debris out of the gutters. Manufactured of high quality aluminum on world-class roll forming machines, the Solution™ is more rigid and stronger than other products in the market. In fact, it actually adds strength to your existing gutter system.  Available in a variety of colors to add curb appeal to your home, The Solution™ is quality gutter guard protection at an affordable price.


Don’t let your leaves fall into this trap!

Some gutter protection products are designed in such a way that they essentially become a trap for leaves and debris (see picture). The Solution™ is designed with an embossed rib design, which prevents the leaves from sitting flat on the product, allowing the wind to gently blow them off.  No one wants a gutter protection product that traps debris, no matter what it costs. Your gutter topper should eliminate future maintenance and not require you clean the debris stuck to the product! 

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